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  • LEAKING TOILETS ARE DRAINFIELD KILLERS.   Many toilets LEAK WITHOUT SOUND causing the unsuspecting homeowner to disregard the damage their toilets may be causing.   Check your toilets MONTHLY by placing food coloring in the top of the tank, without flushing.  Wait for 30 minutes.  If coloring comes out in bowl, fix toilet immediately.

  • ONLY TOILET PAPER CAN GO IN SYSTEM.   Tampons, condoms, ciagrettes, daipers, paper towels and other items that do not breakdown rapidly causes blockages in the system. 


  • USE COMMERCIAL GRADE WASTE DEGRADERS.  Some pumpers tell you that waste degraders do not work.  They are correct in that the weak store brand strains of degraders are not that effective.  However, because of the sludge buildup that we see in the drainfield lines, this shows the septic tanks are not performing optimally most, likely due to household cleaners, medicines, grease, other chemicals and low bacteria counts entering the tank.    We have the most effective strains of commercial strength degraders known on the market today which will devour solids in the tank before the sludge can build up in the leach lines. 

  • KEEP ROOTS OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM    If you suspect roots could be a problem, we recommend using a septic root killer in the system which will help keep roots from blocking the holes in your drainfield lines.   Applications should be done twice per year in the fall and spring.  You can find root killer at your local hardware store, or call us for commercial root kill products.

  • LAUNDRY WASHING MACHINE FILTER IS RECOMMENDED.   Human hair and lint from clothes does not break down in the septic system.  The average home collects enough lint in their septic system in one year enough to carpet a whole room. 

  • DO NOT DRIVE OVER LEACH LINES.  Driving over the drainfield causes compaction which can cause the drainfield to fail. 

  • DO NOT PASTURE ANIMALS OVER LEACH LINES.  Much like driving over the lines, larger animals can also compact the soil. 

  • DO NOT USE TOILET BOWL CLEANERS.  Using bowl cleaners releases bleach in each flush which kills bacteria.   Find septic friendly toilet bowl cleaners.  

  • DO NOT FLUSH PAINT AND OTHER CHEMICALS DOWN SYSTEM.   When you flush anything down your system that kills off the good bacteria in the tank it weakens your tanks ability to break down the solids.

  • SPACE OUT WATER USAGE.   Septic systems are designed to handle a certain amount of water at a time.  Showers and laundry should be spaced throughout the day.   Laundry should be spaced out over the week, never all in one weekend.

  • OVERUSE WILL CAUSE YOUR DRAINFIELD. TO FAIL.   Septic systems are designed for a planned number of people.    Check with your county department to determine how many people your system is designed for.

  • PUMP YOUR TANK EVERY 2-3 YEARS FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR.  For commercial and other highly used systems, please consult your pumper. 

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